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Directors' Council Donation

A rare opportunity for our supporters.


Every year at this time those of us who have experienced our High Holy Days Services are filled with gratitude for the wisdom and the guidance we receive from our remarkable Rabbi Mordecai Finley.  We also leave this very special week with a deep appreciation for the quality of the music, the environment and the total experience Ohr HaTorah creates for us at this meaningful time.

We’d like to think that the price of tickets pays for this rare experience, but ticket prices and even our synagogue membership dues can never fully provide what we’ve come to expect.

A group of us realized that if we want the meaningful benefits, the sense of inclusion that comes with it and the personal connection to Rabbi Finley, we need to help generate the funds that can take us to a new level. We need to guarantee that our program will sustain.

Rather than simply asking for contributions toward this goal, we have funded a special year-long program that will offer social, cultural and fine dining events as a continuing reward to our higher-level donors. In effect we’re not asking for money, we’re offering a way for you to join with a collegial group of supporters and experience personalized museum exhibitions, seminars from Rabbi Finley and endless fine dining at a Michelin Star level.

Our program began with a Sukkot Feast in the garden of the synagogue and continues into the fall and the spring of the year to come. We’re calling our group “The Directors' Council” and we’re asking members to contribute $25,000 or more annually to participate. All costs for the program are being funded by one of our members so every cent we raise has the opportunity to enrich the quality and the beauty of the High Holy Days that we’ve just experienced. 

As a representative for The Directors' Council I implore you to contact me with further questions about this rich experience to come. I’d love to fill you in on the full program we have planned.

I thank you for making Ohr HaTorah so special to me and my family.


Cliff Einstein
(310) 472-8964

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Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782