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Special Membership

Please Note: 

Each request is treated as an annual, one-time-only request.

Only those who have fulfilled all prior financial obligations to Ohr HaTorah
will be eligible for special membership consideration.

Special membership requests don't include -
Hebrew School Fees or tutoring or Ralph's Community Reswardscontributions.

If your circumstances have changed, please submit a new request for consideration. 

If your request is approved, please provide us with a valid credit card and advance written authorization to charge your account for any membership payments.

General Information:

Contact Information:

Reason For request:

So that we understand your situation clearly, please set forth in detail the reason(s)
for your special membership request. 

Prior History:

We know circumstances change.
If you have received special membership consideration in the past,
please indicate the amount of your Tzedakah Commitment in previous years.

Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783